Photo: What Lindsay Was Angrily Scribbling in Courtroom

July 9, 2010 By:
Photo: What Lindsay Was Angrily Scribbling in Courtroom

When Lindsay Lohan grabbed a red pen and a sheet of paper during court we were sure she was signing her name and drawing hearts and stars all over it. But believe it or not, she was actually taking notes!

A high res photo reveals meticulous penmanship and very detailed notes.

"July 6, 2010. 1:40 PM @ Beverly Hills Court," she wrote on the corner of the page, followed by "Dad's sitting behind Liana...those are her so called friends," she wrote.

For the next 20 lines she laid out a timeline of her alcohol education classes.

For the ones that she missed she wrote down explanations, including the fact that she signed the wrong sign-in sheet at one session, or that she had to travel to London for a Haiti benefit. "London--for Haiti Benefit & Fundraiser & 6126 Press & Work," she wrote.

Maybe it's the adderall, but damn that's good penmanship!

According to Yahoo's OMG, Lindsay was actually a straight A student who reportedly excelled in science and math in high school while at Cold Spring Harbor High School in her Long Island hometown.

She'll have plenty of time to take notes and scribble while serving out her sentence later this month. What else is there to do when you're in isolation?