Paris and Lindsay Battle For Timbaland's Attention

February 11, 2008 By:
Paris and Lindsay Battle For Timbaland's Attention

So it seems like that one week of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton being frenemies is over because they’re back at being enemies.

Both Lindsay and Paris hit up the Pre-Grammy party at Avalon honoring Timbaland in hopes of trying to convince Timabland to work with them.

Lindsay apparently didn’t like the fact that Paris was at the party because she was overheard saying, “What the hell is that bitch doing here? I didn't know she was on the list."

Paris apparently heard Lindsay and replied saying: "F*** off you bitch."

Both were trying to desperately get Timbaland’s attention with hopes that he might work with them on their upcoming albums but Timabland wasn’t having it.

"Both of them want to work with Timbaland to revive their faltering music careers…Both saw the party as an ideal way of getting him on side - but they didn't count on the other being there."

Paris and Lindsay both spent the night trying to get his attention but Timbaland just gave them both a blank stare and walked off. Kudos to you Timbaland! I would be disappointed if an artist like Timbaland worked with Paris or Lindsay.