Paparazzi Threatens to Sue Lindsay Lohan

January 11, 2010 By:
Paparazzi Threatens to Sue Lindsay Lohan

Oh Lindsay! Even when she's trying to stay out of trouble, trouble follows her around. Lindsay Lohan was out doing what she does best this past weekend--partying--when a photo claims he got hit by a car she was being driven in.

Lindsay was seen leaving Hotel Cafe in Hollywood in a car driven by her assistant when a photo wouldn't get out of the way. The car lightly (literally very lightly) tapped a photogs arm and now he's planning on suing Lindsay--who wasn't even driving the car.

Although the photog did not go to hospital, he claimed he was “lucky to be alive” after the incident. Uh dramatic much?

He said: “I’m going to sue them, but I don’t care about the money. I want to press charges so badly - she’s going to jail.”

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department, Sergeant Vasquez, said: “I was informed by an officer that a vehicle had sped away at a high rate of speed and hit a paparazzi photographer causing an injury to his hand, his wrist.”

Authorities are investigating the incident, but are not treating it as a hit-and-run because Lindsay's assistant called the police to report the incident shortly after.

Sounds like this guy is just looking for a quick buck. In the original video he seems completely unfazed by what happened. After he realizes his buddies are tapping the whole thing he starts to complain about his hand and how he "almost his life." Shady Shady!