Open Container Found In Lindsay Lohan's Rented Porsche

June 12, 2012 By:
Open Container Found In Lindsay Lohan's Rented Porsche

Lindsay Lohan had an open container of alcohol in her car at the time of her collision with an 18-wheeler but it may not be hers.

TMZ is reporting that police confiscated a plastic water bottle filled with alcohol from the scene of the accident. Though it’s up for debate as to whether it was taken from the trunk directly or picked up from a field of debris and then placed in the trunk.

Regardless they seem to be giving her the benefit of the doubt by not charging her with anything, as having an open container in the trunk of your car is not illegal.

In addition, she reportedly had no alcohol in her system. If it was hers, maybe she was saving the bottle when she went for a jog or something?

But considering she is under a serious amount of scrutiny while attempting to save her career by portraying Liz Taylor for Lifetime, is on probation (for… who even knows at this point?), and she’s a rehab graduate with a terrible driving record, she might want to keep her eyes open for cloaked beverages in the car in the first place.

If you’re having trouble keeping up, it’s seriously not you, it’s her. The complexity of layers in this girls missteps is mind boggling.

Let’s recap: Friday she allegedly rear-ended a semi truck on a highway in a rented Porsche

Then she claimed her assistant was behind the wheel and not her:

If she indeed did lie to the police (and that wouldn’t be a first), she’s totally screwed. Lying to law enforcement doesn’t go over very well. It will trigger a probation violation which might equal jail… you know, more court dates and a new orange jump suit.

Buckle up people, this is going to be a long, redundant, ride.