No One Wants to Rent Lindsay Lohan's House

January 7, 2013 By:
No One Wants to Rent Lindsay Lohan's House


Run for the hills, house hunters. Lindsay Lohan’s house is officially on the market!

As conflicting reports are swarming news feeds on Lindsay’s real estate woes, the Georgian-style, Beverly Hills property is already available to rent. New details on the actress’ former listing have hit the Internet. 

According to, the house comes with a $10,450 a month price tag. The unit is listed by agent Brett Lawyer of Los Angeles luxury real estate group Hilton & Hyland.

The house was subject to a $200,000 makeover via a drama-filled episode of “Million Dollar Decorators.” But alas, the show's efforts were in vain.

Photos of the Beverly Hills house reveal an empty three-bedroom, 2,509-square-foot layout. Not a Chanel purse, nor an over-dyed hair strand from LiLo’s past presence lingers.

In case you are interested in the listing, the pad does feature a 1.5-acre plot of land, freshly painted walls (Yay!), a pool and somewhat decent views of Century City. 

Last week, a house shopper who was showed the house told us exclusively that her realtor said Lindsay “left because she could no longer afford it.”

A salty website brigade of gossip hounds was quick to doubt Hollyscoop’s initial details that the actress was forced out of her home, claiming the Lindz “no longer lives in the L.A. home because she moved to New York.”

But, despite ramshackle cries from the so-called celeb authority, it’s no secret that she’s been stressing to afford the multi-thousand dollar rent. 

Amongst other Internet murmurs, in December, TMZ reported that the struggling actress was “scraping together the money” just to make rent.  

Now that pricey rent is someone else's problem.