No Free Photos From Lindsay

August 11, 2008 By:
No Free Photos From Lindsay

The attention hungry Lindsay Lohan we all knew and loved is gone.

While dining out at Macaluso's restaurant in Miami this past weekend with Samantha Ronson, Linds was asked to pose for photos with staff members for some press, which didn't go over so well with her.

A source tells the NY Post, "Lindsay and Sam sat down with friends and ordered dinner, when someone who looked like the chef or owner came up to them and asked if they would go to the kitchen.

"They were so nice, they went back and put on aprons and chefs' hats and everything. But when the owner asked them to pose for photos, they became furious."

Apparently they were so "offended" that they left the restaurant before their food even arrived. How do you guys feel about the new and improved Lindsay? Did she overreact about a picture?