Nick Cannon Warns of 10 Celebs You Don't Want To Invite To Thanksgiving Dinner

November 22, 2011 By:
Nick Cannon Warns of 10 Celebs You Don't Want To Invite To Thanksgiving Dinner

This year, Nick Cannon gets to spend Thanksgiving with one diva-licious celebrity—his wife and mother of his twins, Mariah Carey. It'll be the couple's first Thanksgiving with Moroccan and Monroe, and I bet it's going to be one for the books.

But apparently, there are at least ten other celebrities Nick is glad he isn't spending Thanksgiving with. The TV host posted a blog on his website titled: "10 Celebs You Do Not Want to Invite to Thanksgiving Dinner."


Topping off the list is Lindsay Lohan. Cannon posts a photo of Lindsay falling down on the ground. He advises that "unless your family celebrates Thanksgiving in a nightclub with its own doorman to toss her out when she gets out of hand...might be better to just let her celebrate this holiday elsewhere."


Next on the list is Charlie Sheen, 2011's favorite nut job. Cannon says that Charlie would probably "snort all the salt." And the "live podcast of the event from the dining room table" would probably be pretty annoying, too.

Cannon says you should probably also leave out The Duggar Family, who just announced they're expecting their 20th child.

"Odds are you couldn't afford to feed them all, and wouldn't have enough seats anyway," Cannon says.


And I feel sorry for Man Vs. Food's Adam Richman, because Cannon says "this guy alone would eat more than the entire Duggar family." So true.

"It's hard enough to watch a man eating himself to death on TV, let alone in your own dining room," Cannon explains.


Michaele Salahi and her new man, Journey guitarist Neal Schon, will also not be on Nick and Mariah's Thanksgiving invite list. "The PDA's would be PDG (Pretty Darn Gross)," Nick says.


He also lists Biggest Loser trainer, Jillian Michaels, along with a photo of her pointing and yelling at an overweight person.

Cannon explains: "She would make it really hard to enjoy your 4th serving."


Also on the list were Jeff Probst, host of Survivor, notorious for his bug eating, as well as the Insane Clown Posse. Those juggalos get out of hand. He also includes prop comic, Gallagher, who would "just smash all the food."


But the final celebrity that Nick says you wouldn't want as a Thanksgiving guest? Dr. Conrad Murray. Cannon says:

"If you're feeling sleepy after dinner, it might not be the tryptophan." HA.