New Witness Comes Forward to Help Lindsay

February 15, 2011 By:
New Witness Comes Forward to Help Lindsay

What a surprise, Michael Lohan has something to say about his daughter’s recent troubles. The Lindsay Lohan insider told RadarOnline that Lindsay might have a new witness.

"A man contacted Lindsay's camp and told them he went into the jewelry store way before Lindsay did and was interested in buying the necklace," Michael told Radar.

Michael claims the jewelry store “told him it was $800."

I don’t want to make accusations, but if this is true, let’s just say, what’s going on here rhymes with ‘witness tampering and perjury’. Oh, snap, I forgot to think of a rhyme. Well, too late now.

"This witness will completely exonerate Lindsay and prove that the necklace isn't worth $2,500, and prove that she shouldn't have been charged with a felony,” Michael Lohan says.

So you’re saying you’re daughter’s not a felon, she’s just a petty thief. Way to help, Dad.

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