New Shocking Lindsay Lohan Bloody Photos Surfaces

August 15, 2011 By:
New Shocking Lindsay Lohan Bloody Photos Surfaces

Oh, good. Celebrity photographer Tyler Shields has released a new photo of Lindsay Lohan in her underwear covered in blood. I’m pretty sure these pics are a metaphor for her career.

In the latest photo, Lohan holds a blood-stained knife to her neck and has blood dripping from her mouth as well. She stands in front of a white wall that is splattered in blood. Did I mention there was blood?

She’s also had the bags and wrinkles flashed the hell out of her face, making her look somewhat decent, and might I even suggest, hot again. If it wasn’t for the blood. There’s blood, by the way.

Tyler Shields’ has photographed a variety of celebs, but his favorite subject seems to be Lindsay. Shields explains:

“She's just so daring. She's a character in herself and she is very good at it. ... With Lindsay, she knew immediately like after five minutes of shooting that this is different, this is special."

Under his belt, Shields has Justin Long, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Green and Gary Busey.

“I have had adventures with all of them,” Shields explains. “Gary was so fun, Lindsay is amazing and Kellan punched something until his hand began to bleed for me. There is certainly a story that goes along with everyone i shoot. Sometimes people hear about it. Most of the time they don't!"

Shields has also photographed Rain Wilson, who stars in The Office. Shields says of his experience with Wilson:

“Rain said he wanted to do something crazy…and I said, ‘why don't you beat me up’? Everyone laughed except for him. I kicked them out, then he beat me up. We will always have that story…connected through the chaos."

Shield’s art has gotten him into serious trouble in the past. In 2009, he was shooting the cast of The Vampire Diaries in Smarr, Georgia and was arrested for disorderly conduct. He also got in trouble for allegedly firing blanks at a model during a performance art piece.

Shields is also set to get his own ten episode documentary. The show is on Syfy’s development state and is supposed to be co-produced by Relativity Real and Before the Door pictures.

Shields says of the show: “Syfy is about imagination, and I couldn't be happier to be working with a place that tells me the bigger, the crazier and the more insane the better.”