More Jail Time for Lindsay Lohan? New Developments!

February 7, 2011 By:
More Jail Time for Lindsay Lohan? New Developments!

Lindsay Lohan is like those criminals that leave jail and can't handle life outside of prison. If that's the case the good news is she could be back behind bars in no time.

If the Los Angeles County District Attorney chooses to file a case against her for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace, she could reportedly spend up to three years in prison. HA, can you imagine?

Lindsay could face grand theft charges today after allegedly stealing the one of a kind necklace from California-based jewelry store Kamofie & Company.

However, legal expert Susan F. Filan believes Lindsay could also be in violation of the terms of her DUI probation.
She told Hollywood Life: "She is automatically in violation of her probation if she gets arrested. She would face up to six months in state prison or county jail."

So what options does Lindsay have at this point? She could be forced to admit she was arrested for the theft but ask them to hold off on the probation violation charge in case she is found not guilty of the new felony.

Other than that, she's pretty much S.O.L. Good news she looks in Orange.