Mickey Rourke Tells Lindsay Lohan How to Make a Comeback

November 9, 2011 By:
Mickey Rourke Tells Lindsay Lohan How to Make a Comeback

In the new movie “Immortals,” Mickey Rourke plays King Hyperion in the 3D action film, playing a kind of mythology bad boy out to destroy all of humankind. But for many years Rourke was known in Hollywood as THE bad boy.

Before Lindsay Lohan was going to jail for four hours stints and trading in movie roles for Playboy gigs, Mickey Rourke was nearly blacklisted by Hollywood for 20 years.

However, Rourke has made an incredible comeback, and if anyone has advice for troubled starlets like Lindsay, it’s him. Here’s his advice for Lindsay:

“Get your sleep and eat right and just keep on going,” he told Hollyscoop at the Immortals Los Angeles movie premiere.

Sounds easy enough. He also let us in on what the shoot for “Immortals” was like, playing an action hero trying to destroy all of Greece must have been physically demanding? Not so much, according to Rourke.

I didn’t spend that much time,” he tells HS, “I was in and out and I did it really quick and I was only working 8 days so it was quick and fun and Tarsen was great and all the boys so I had a good time.”

If only Lindsay could be so lucky to get acting work again. She just posed for Playboy, but she can’t even get that right. Her first shoot for the mag was apparently full frontal and everything, but the exes at Playboy didn’t like it, so they had her re-shoot it dressed as Marilyn Monroe, which she’s totally done before.

Anyways, back to Rourke. As someone who has made a comeback and on the other side of a Hollywood slump says, “The reputation I had for 20 years about being difficult and unprofessional is always going to stay. A lot of it was true, but I’m not really that way anymore,” he tells Reuters.

If Rourke can turn around a 20-year slump, so can Lindsay.

“I don’t blame anybody else but myself. I can’t make the same mistakes again. I’d be foolish,” admits Rourke.