Michael Wants Lindsay Out of Rehab

August 19, 2010 By:
Michael Wants Lindsay Out of Rehab

Michael Lohan has wanted his daughter Lindsay Lohan in rehab for months, and now that she's actually there, he's singing a different tune.

Yesterday Lindsay's lawyer Shawn Holley Chapman meet with the judge to try to get Lindsay out of rehab early, and Michael tells Hollyscoop he really hopes that happens because he believes she needs the kind of help that she can't get at UCLA Medical Center. Here's what he had to say:

"After reading your latest post about Lindsay's release and plans thereafter,
I have to say that I agree with her lawyer, Shawn Holly, the doctors and ( I
can't believe I am saying this), even Dina, that Lindsay SHOULD be released
from UCLA's drug program.

The reasons being, UCLA's program does NOT offer the treatment(s) Lindsay
needed or needs. ( which I was saying from the beginning). They said said
she was bi polar and addicted to meth,( both which I said were untrue), and
now they agree! Gee Wiz!

What Judge Revel did, was basically sentence Lindsay to more jail time
because UCLA's program is like any medical unit in any jail or prison. Sure,
they might have gotten her off the prescription drugs, but they haven't
offered ANY therapy, which is IMPERATIVE in successful recovery. Oncemore,
Lindsay doesn't need to be communicating with Matthew Wilder about his
exploitive and provocative movie, while she is in rehab, and supposed to be
focusing on herself ( NOT her career).

While his movie is sick, and he is even sicker, what really sickens me, is
the fact that he is more concerned with using her for his benefit, rather
than caring about her getting her life in order first.

What rehab allows this kind of conduct? What caring people would be
concerned with Lindsay's career and "getting back to work",rather than
focusing on her stability and sobriety?

YES, Lindsay should get out of UCLA, BUT she NEEDS to go into a program and
get FAMILY therapy, to resolve the issues that caused her problems."

--*Michael Lohan*