Michael Lohan's Open Letter to Lindsay

October 23, 2009 By:
Michael Lohan's Open Letter to Lindsay

If you thought Michael Lohan was done talking about his famous daughter Lindsay Lohan and her alleged drug addiction, think again.

Michael has already done about 15 interviews this week alone about Lindsay, so he figured why not publish a letter about her too.

His letter, published in the new issue of In Touch, begins with an apology for "the pain and inner turmoil that I am responsible for, for being away in prison or getting divorced from Mom."

He goes on to call Lindsay his "blessed daughter," adding, "I have held your vacant body in my arms, felt the tears fall down your face, and I tried every way to make you see what is happening to you.

"I have helped so many others 'successfully,' Linds, please, Honey, let me help you. Let me help you get your life back so that you can build it to where you once were."

He concludes by writing, "God bless us all in this time of need. I hope and pray to hold 'my Lindsay' in my arms once again. Soon. Love Dad."

The magazine also published a letter by her ex girlfriend Courtenay Semel that read, "I look at you and I want to cry. I see myself in you six months ago."

It's sad that Michael is attempting to help Lindsay and the media is just bashing him for it. Sure, he's doing too many public interviews about it, but it's only because she won't pick up his calls or be willing to talk to him in person.

Lindsay definitely needs an intervention before it's too late. She's been looking worse for wear lately, and we're genuinely scared for her life at this point. We hope she gets the help she desperately needs.