Michael Lohan Strikes Back at Dina

October 19, 2009 By:
Michael Lohan Strikes Back at Dina

Michael Lohan always has to have the last word. So After Dina Lohan made comments over the weekend about Michael being nothing more than a dead beat dad, he took the time to conjure up a response.

Here’s what Michael’s latest rant says:

"Please get this out. Dina can attack me and say whatever she wants, but when she makes statements like, 'I need to focus on being a parent,' I think she needs to reach deep inside herself, get out of HER state of denial and be a parent herself.

"I am taking LEGAL proactive steps, Dina. What are you doing beside lying, making excuses and putting Ali in the same position YOU put Lindsay in. Shall I even begin to play all the tapes of our many conversations about how Lindsay needs intervention, what a good father I am, and how you always loved me.

"Do you want Linds or your EX boyfriend to hear them? Use that loser David all you want. Your comments and sources don't work. Be a REAL parent, the one you were when we were married and let's save our daughter and give her her life back."

Michael may be going about this all in the wrong ways, but we agree with him that Dina seems like a major enabler for Lindsay. Both Michael and Dina, however, need to stop blabbing to the press, and actually do something about their daughter!