Michael Lohan Still Trying to Save Lindsay

December 15, 2009 By:
Michael Lohan Still Trying to Save Lindsay

Michael Lohan is still trying to do all he can to save his daughter Lindsay Lohan. He has even gone as far as begging Lindsay's ex-Samantha Ronson for help even though he has previously admitted to hating her.

Michael has spoken out about Lindsay's addiction to prescription pills and has urged Samantha to help him get Lindsay to check in to rehab.

He said: “Maybe Samantha will help Lindsay turn her life around and get her into rehab. At least I know Samantha cares. Time is running out for Lindsay. We need to save her.”

One person who Michael doesn't wanna involve is Lindsay's mom Dina who is a “sick human being” according to him.

He tells UAE’s Insider magazine: “She tells me how bad the problem is with our daughter and in the same breath is avoiding the subject.

“She is a sick human being. Dina can continue to lie and avoid the truth, but I am going to continue to show what a liar she is. She can continue to make all the excuses she wants, but she can’t deal with the truth.

“We need to save Lindsay – and now.”

The only person that can probably save Lindsay is Samantha because she seems to have a soft spot for the DJ.