Michael Lohan Sets the Record Straight on Lindsay's Stalker

December 17, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan Sets the Record Straight on Lindsay's Stalker

WTF is going on in Lindsay Lohan's world? She's trying to get clean and sober and creepy guys like Sam Lutfi are trying to get involved in her life.

Sam, being the stalker that he is, found Lindsay and Michael Lohan's phone numbers and text both of them some creepy sh*t about how he's been watching Lindsay.

Lindsay's Stalker Revealed

He even text Lindsay's brother some messages about what a bad mother Dina is. Can't disagree with that one.

As you may recall Sam is the guy that caused Britney to go ballistic. He was the guy rumored to be giving her a cocktail of prescription drugs that eventually landed her at the psych ward.

Michael spoke to Hollyscoop and set the record straight about his relationship with Sam and why he's involved in Lindsay's life. Here's what he had to say:

I met Sam Lufti via text message, I don't know how he got my number, nor do I know how he got in touch with Lindsay. What I DO KNOW, is that Sam sent Lindsay and my son Michael texts regarding Dina doing the wrong thing.

Dina evidently didn't like what was said (the truth hurts) and she started a smear campaign against Sam, and tried to bring me into it, just like she did when she lied about the child support. She is trying to live HER Christmas dream by keeping my children from me.

When I heard that Sam texted Lindsay I told him to stop IMMEDIATELY. I will not judge Sam for the things he is accused of, but I KNOW for a FACT, A LOT of it are lies, put out there by Britney's "TEAM". How Ironic is it that they are the same people around Lindsay?

Sam is NOT the reason Lindsay was moved. It was two other individuals that caused her to move for her safety. And I dare anyone causing this crap to challenge me, because they will do more damage to Lindsay they are doing now. I am sick and tired of the lies and ulterior motives. You all know who and what I mean. Live you lying lives and leave me alone to do what I do. Try to help and save people. especially my own family.

Merry Christmas Dina, Great Spirit.

Seems Lindsay has changed but you haven't, but I pray you do.