Michael Lohan Seeking Conservatorship Over Lindsay

September 30, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan Seeking Conservatorship Over Lindsay

Move over Dina, Michael Lohan is ready to take control over Lindsay Lohan's finances and career too!

Earlier this week Michael told media outlets that his ex wife Dina and Lindsay's new manager Lou Taylor plan on gaining a conservatorship over Lindsay, a la Britney style, and now he wants in on the action too.

He said: “Since Dina and manager Lou Taylor are going to try and be co-conservators, I had a choice of fighting it or petitioning for the purpose of appointing two conservators who don’t have an interest in Lindsay’s money but rather her as a person and a human being.

He continued, “Dina and Lou have their hands in it, not their hearts.”

Speaking of Dina's plans to gain a conservatorship earlier this week Michael said, “I’ve learned of a plot to put Lindsay under a conservatorship. It's disturbing...Lou and Dina are trying to get her out of the picture so they can get a conservatorship without her knowing.

The judge most likely won't award Michael co-conservatorship because Lindsay has made it very clear that she doesn't want her father in her life. And we all know Dina is a mess just like her daughter and can't balance a checkbook if her life depended on it.

While the Lohan's battle it out for control over Lindsay, she's reportedly begged a judge to let her stay in rehab for 45 days instead of getting sent back to jail. Looks like Lindsay's going to spend the rest of 2010 in and out of rehab, jail and court. Sad!