Michael Lohan Responds to Lindsay's Drug Confession

February 22, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan Responds to Lindsay's Drug Confession

Lindsay Lohan's father Michael has often spoken out about her drug use and has tried to get her into a rehabilitation program multiple times, but their relationship grows more distant.

Earlier today Lindsay spoke out about her drug use blaming most of her problems on her father, but Michael Lohan wants to set the record straight about Lindsay hitting rock bottom. Here's what he had to say:

In response to Lindsay's interview with the Sun:
While I'm very happy that Lindsay is beginning to come "clean," the truth of the matter is I went public when she hit rock bottom. SHE DID NOT GO ROCK BOTTOM WHEN I WENT PUBLIC. Through my own experience, I did , and will continue to do, everything in my power to keep her away from the negative people, place and things in her life. And while, I find her admissions of her experiences with alcohol and cocaine, to be noble, the REAL PROBLEM still exist with the prescription drug use that the so-called "addiction specialist", therapist and doctors who are prescribing medication to Lindsay and other people.

The whole problem started, with my divorce from Dina. Lindsay and my other children were torn apart because they lost the stability of a family, only to have me extracated by Dina and her family from my children's lives while I was "away."

The problem for Lindsay and so many others is prescription drug use. It has taken lives, destroyed families and it will continue to do so until the government steps in and begins to put harsher restrictions on the writing of prescriptions. "Which has become an incentivized billion dollar industry."

As I may not be able to change the world by going public on certain issues, maybe what I have to say might touch or even save a few lives including Lindsay's. I will not stop doing so until I finally get my daughter off of all the prescription drugs which she never needed and doesn't need no matter how much I get bad mouthed or slandered by the people out there who aren't so perfect themselves.

I am a man and a father. I am not perfect, but I damn well mean what I say and speak the TRUTH! Whether it be my very own family, or others I love, I will do ALL I can, to make things right, even if it costs me, or is at my own expense!

As you all know, I will not sit back and keep my mouth closed, when people don't speak the truth.