Michael Lohan Planning On Suing Over Dina Lohan Interview

September 27, 2012 By:
Michael Lohan Planning On Suing Over Dina Lohan Interview

By now you’ve gathered that Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan don’t really like each other. Right? Well, they don’t.

Dina Lohan appeared on “Dr. Phil” last week appearing somewhat inebriated. Now, she’s set to appear on Entertainment Tonight where she plans to redeem herself from the unflattering “Dr. Phil” interview, or as Michael puts it, “Dina did ET to try to change public opinion.”

But then the claws come out, “Did she sober up for a day to do the show?” Michael tells Hollyscoop.

Michael is convinced that Dina lies about him and has taken money from Lindsay by lying to her. Dina has also repeatedly said that Michael hasn’t paid child support in months and Michael says Dina owes HIM money?

The Lohan family drama is mostly confusing but Michael tells HS that he’s in the “process of suing Dina for $120,000 for a contract that [he] lost because of her lies.”

No idea what these "lies" are that Dina supposedly spews, but Michael says that if Entertainment Tonight airs any of these so-called “lies,” he will sue the show.

“My lawyer is NOW calling ET to inform them that if they air any more of her lies, not only will Dina be sued, but they will be held accountable as well! It’s pathetic that ET would even consider letting her do an interview considering how many times she gets caught in lies!”

Just be glad you aren’t a Lohan. This family has more drama than Honey Boo Boo on pageant day.