Michael Lohan Outraged Over Dina's Award

May 8, 2008 By:
Michael Lohan Outraged Over Dina's Award

The person who might be the most shocked and outraged over Dina Lohan's award from Long Island's Mingling Moms is her ex-husband Michael. He tells The New York Post, "Are you kidding! Top celebrity mom? Look at her off-screen antics, her lack of morals and how she conducts herself. I guess they forgot to mention how this top super-mom leaves her kids alone at night and even parties in their presence. Just wait until we go back to court.

"She comes stumbling out of Butter at 3:15 a.m. with bloodshot eyes and a red runny nose, yelling 'Oh, [bleep],' when she saw the paparazzi."

Michael goes on to say that Dina missed their weekly family therapy session to attend the award ceremony. But Dina thinks he's just jealous of her. She says, "I've allowed him visitation once a week, so I don't understand why he's doing this. He's jealous that I got the award. He even called the organizers and tried to talk them out of giving it to me."

Talk about drama! This may be the first and last time we ever say this, but we side with Michael on this one!