Michael Lohan on Lindsay's Erratic Behavior: No One Knows the Truth

March 29, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan on Lindsay's Erratic Behavior: No One Knows the Truth

Lindsay Lohan's erratic behavior lately has caused some major concern about her health and well being.

Sources close to the actress are worried that if she doesn't seek professional help soon--she'll die. But her estranged father Michael Lohan isn't giving up on her just yet.

Michael insists that stories about his daughter are often exaggerated and no one really knows the truth about what's going on. Michael tells Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY, "While they say Lindsay is spiraling downward, and after just having a heart attack, let me say, no one really knows what is really happening, nor do they know the TRUTH about Lindsay or my relationship with her."

Report: Lindsay on the Verge of Death

He continued, "Yes, I have made mistakes and people I love have gone through things they shouldn't have. I am more sorry than you'll ever imagine, I regret the things that have happened and I have paid the price. Yet, I pray they forgive me, like I totally forgive those whom have hurt me. If they do, they will be blessed too! You'll all be very surprised what takes place over the coming months."

We're really hoping the "surprise" will be her seeking professional help at a rehabilitation center. Over the weekend cops became so concerned about Lindsay's well being, they considered placing her under a 5150 hold for psychiatric evaluation.

Someone needs to get his girl some help--before it's too late.