Michael Lohan on Lindsay: I'm Far From Nuts

March 3, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan on Lindsay: I'm Far From Nuts

Lindsay Lohan thinks her father Michael Lohan is "nuts" for talking about her in the press, but according to Michael, he's just doing it out of concern for his daughter.

During a candid interview with OK magazine, Lindsay said her father Michael is "nuts," adding that he is "someone who is crying out for help and attention." But Michael disagrees.

Michael spoke to Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY telling us that he's speaking about his daughter out of concern. "Is being concerned for your child(ren) and doing all you can, first privately, then publicly, nuts?! I say not, and I believe that any honest and loving parent would agree."

Michael and Lindsay's relationship has been strained for quite some time now, and according to him, she hardly knows him at all if she thinks he's "nuts."

He tells Hollyscoop, "Anyone and everyone who knows me knows I am far from nuts. As a matter of fact, I am considered quite the opposite. I may not have taken the right approach or handled myself in the right way at times, but I am a father and parent first.

"People can knock me. Lie about me. Use me as a scapegoat and even have me arrested on false charges. But God knows the truth and so do they. At the end of the day, I love , forgive and make sacrifices without regard for myself. That will never change. Call me nuts all you want."

Michael definitely talks a lot, but the more Hollyscoop speaks with him on a regular basis, the more we understand his concern for his daughter. Sometimes using the media is the best way to get someone to notice you genuinely care!