Michael Lohan Not Into Naked Lindsay

February 20, 2008 By:
Michael Lohan Not Into Naked Lindsay

Michael Lohan is steering clear of magazines, TV shows, and the internet this week because he doesn't want to see his daughter naked.

Lohan raised eyebrows this week with a naked photo shoot recreating Marilyn Monroe’s "Last Sitting” for NY magazine. While the rest of the world has gone gaga over the photos, Lohan's father Michael is avoiding it at all costs.

“I’m not going to look at the photos — that’s my daughter!” he told Usmagazine.com in a telephone interview this morning.

Although he won't be checking out the pics, he doesn’t disapprove of her decision either. “Lindsay is an adult, and she knows the direction she wants to take her career,” he said. “It’s her decision.

Joe Simpson: take some pointers! Papa Joe would be at Kinko’s getting that shit blown up as a bedroom poster right now. Sooo creepy!