Michael Lohan: Lindsay Will End Up "In The Morgue"

October 21, 2011 By:
Michael Lohan: Lindsay Will End Up

Michael Lohan has had some concerns about his daughter in the past, but it’s pretty apparent, he’s starting to lose hope. In a shocking statement to Hollyscoop, Michael had a grim prediction about his daughter Lindsay Lohan's future:

“[Lindsay’s] not going to be working at the morgue, she’ll be in the morgue.”

He continues: “If that happens, there’s one person I blame. Well, two people. The doctor who wrote the prescription and Dina for the way she conducted herself through our divorce.”

Michael also reveals that Lindsay Lohan has an addiction to prescription drugs.

“The illicit drug use is bad enough but I really think the worst problems she has is the prescription drugs,” Lohan revealed to us. He added, “If I was around her, I wouldn’t let that happen. It just goes to show you, what I say is true.”

Lindsay and her father haven’t spoken in a while. He tells Hollyscoop that he often tries to call her, but the calls will go straight to voicemail. Either that, or Lindsay just doesn’t pick up. And while he and ex-wife Dina Lohan have huge issues with each other, Michael says it’s time to put those problems aside. He told Hollyscoop:

“I’ve put it on the table for Dina to sit down for the first time ever since we got divorced, in public, and put all of our differences aside for the sake of Lindsay.”

Michael tells Hollyscoop he’s had it, and he plans to take action: “I am appalled, I’m furious and I am beside myself and I’m going to LA early and I am going to address each one of these situations to each one of these people.”

According to Michael, Lindsay just has the wrong people surrounding her.

“The other people…need to get the hell out of her life, and she needs the right people in her life.”

As far as Lindsay going to jail, Michael tells Hollyscoop that’s not really the issue, but he doesn’t necessarily see it happening.

“I don’t know whether [showing up late] is going to be the deciding factor whether she goes to jail or not. I would imagine not. Maybe she can turn it around but for her to show up late on the first day…I wouldn’t let that happen.”