Michael Lohan: Lindsay Was NOT On Prescription Drugs on SNL

June 4, 2012 By:
Michael Lohan: Lindsay Was NOT On Prescription Drugs on SNL

Here’s something that NEVER happens in Hollywood, someone’s words got twisted and taken out of context. Sarcasm aside, Michael Lohan’s drug rant about Lindsay Lohan on SNL was grossly distorted and now he’s setting the record straight.

A few weeks back, CelebrityVIPLounge.com quoted Michael Lohan as saying that Lindsay was high on prescription drugs during her SNL performance.

Michael just told Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY that his words were taken out of context and that he never accused Lindsay of abusing over-the-counter drugs during her SNL performance.

“[They]…twisted everything I said,” Michael told Hollyscoop, “In the past, Lindsay was using medication and prescription meds and that’s why she was flat. But everything on SNL and Glee you can see that she’s turned everything around and she’s not [high].”

As for Lindsay’s work on SNL and Glee and her new role on the Lifetime flick, “Liz & Dick,” Michael says, “I think this will be the start of the comeback. I think SNL was the first step and each one is another step on the ladder,” says her Dad.

He has high hopes for his daughter’s comeback, telling us he’s seen the photos of Lindsay on the set dressed as Liz Taylor and says, “she looks fantastic, she looks amazing.”

Apparently Lindsay and Michael’s father-daughter relationship could be better, but not if Dina Lohan has it her way.

“Dina doesn’t stop trying to put wedges between us. Between [me] and her and the kids,” says Michael, “Dina tries to dampen things constantly.”

Not only that, but Michael blames Dina for his daughters career meltdown.

“Ever since the divorce when Dina and I weren’t there to guide Lindsay, Dina took over managing Lindsay and look what happened to her career,” says Michael.

Those are some fighting words, but hopefully Michael was right about Lindsay's comeback.