Michael Lohan on Lindsay: 'I Just Want Her to Go to Rehab'

November 30, 2012 By:
Michael Lohan on Lindsay: 'I Just Want Her to Go to Rehab'


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In the wake of Lindsay Lohan’s most recent arrest, the actress’ future is very much up in the air. One idea that seems to be the general consensus as her “best option” moving forward is strapping the redheaded wild child down in rehab.

Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan, tells Hollyscoop that he agrees she needs help fast. He’s speaking out, he says, not to fuel the Michael Lohan media train, but instead in his daughter’s best interest, who reportedly has slipped back into drugs and alcohol.

"I just want her to go into rehab,” says Michael. “I love her and I just want her to get the help she needs."

As we previously reported, Michael has been urging Lindz to check into rehab for some time now, saying that he “has a spot waiting for her at Betty Ford [the addiction clinic LiLo visited in 2010].”

When asked if Michael had been in contact with Lindsay since her arrest on Thursday morning, the patriarch admitted their relationship hasn’t been the same since she swore him off for recording and releasing her panicked phone call about Dina Lohan in October.

"I have called, but of course she has not picked up," says Michael.

Along with Lindsay, Michael tells us that he hasn’t spoken with any of his other children relating to the situation either. Like the rest of the family’s problems, he blames the incommunicado standoff on Lindsay's mom.

"Dina is just playing with their head," he says.