Michael Lohan is Supporting Broke Lindsay

January 21, 2011 By:
Michael Lohan is Supporting Broke Lindsay

I love how Lindsay Lohan is broke and unemployed, yet she's living in a $7,000 a month beach house.

In fact Lindsay is sooo broke, her dad Michael Lohan is apparently helping her out financially.

He said: “She is doing great. I was just on the phone with her. She is taking it easy and just doing things in her own way. I am supporting her with a lot of money!”

Michael confesses that as long as she hangs out with the people she's with now and stays in more often than she goes out, he'll happily support her.

Just last weekend Michael told Hollyscoop, "We went to an AA meeting last night then went home and had a quiet night. She changed back to the girl she used to be. When she was at her best - literally. She's done a 180 and I'm very proud of her."

If I were him I'd keep a keep a close eye on what she spends that money on. She's already been caught in a bar once, and old habits die hard with Lindsay.