Michael Lohan: I'm Not Giving up on Seeing Lindsay in Rehab

October 19, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan: I'm Not Giving up on Seeing Lindsay in Rehab

Michael Lohan attempted to enter onto the Betty Ford Center grounds today to see Lindsay Lohan for “Family Week,” but was turned away.

According to TMZ, a guard refused Michael entry and sent him to talk to the people in charge of running the family visitation.

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Though he was turned away, Michael tells Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY that he’s not going to let that stop him. "I am not giving up on anything,” Michael tells us. “I am certainly not giving up on Lindsay or my kids.

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He tells us Dina is definitely the one who made sure he couldn’t enter onto Betty Ford’s grounds. “The funny part is,” Michael explains, “Is in the last 6 years, Dina has been at charities with me, sporting events, and even at our own house with me. Until July 6 we were in contact constantly. The sad part of this whole thing is that Dina is using the order of protection to stop me from going to Betty Ford to help our daughter. "

Michael wouldn’t tell us if he has been able to get into contact with Lindsay as of yet. But he did stress that Dina is the one trying to keep him from his daughter.

Stay tuned to find out if Michael can somehow make his way in during Family Week…