Michael Lohan: I'll Bail Lindsay Out Of Debt IF She Goes To Rehab

December 19, 2012 By:
Michael Lohan: I'll Bail Lindsay Out Of Debt IF She Goes To Rehab


By now we’ve all heard how Lindsay Lohan has NO money. She owes a few hundred thousand to the IRS, she owes a little less than 20 grand to a storage unit, and now Lindsay is reportedly claiming that she wants to get a shrink but can’t afford it. Boo hoo.

Well, in walks her knight in shining armor, her dad Michael Lohan!

“The cost of rehab will be taken care of IF she wants or agrees to go [to rehab]! I believe she wants it, now the ball is in her court! I will arrange for the RIGHT treatment and program, for as long as it takes which is 6 months or more!” Michael tells Hollyscoop exclusively.

So Michael will get Lindsay the help she needs on HIS dime. There is absolutely no excuse for Lindsay to avoid rehab or counseling any longer, unless her “I wish I could afford counseling” statements are all just empty threats to get sympathy.

Not only is Michael on LiLo’s side, so is Dr. Drew Pinksy. Yes, THAT Dr. Drew.

“Dr. Drew is a close friend of the family and persistently has tried to get Lindsay the treatment she so desperately needs,” says Michael.

Michael previously tried to stage an intervention for Lindsay, but Dr. Drew told Hollyscoop he couldn’t be involved as his high-profile would scare Lindsay away, “[Michael] contacted me and I thought it would be a bad idea if I were a part of [the intervention] so I referred him to other people,” he tells us, explaining that Lindsay wouldn’t comply with the intervention if Dr. Drew came knocking at her door, “there would be no opportunity to start the intervention if I show up. Lindsay would be gone.”