Michael Lohan: I Don't Want to See My Daughter Die!

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Michael Lohan: I Don't Want to See My Daughter Die!

Michael Lohan gets a lot of heat for talking about his daughter Lindsay to the press, but according to him, he’s just doing it to save her. “I don’t want to see my daughter die,” Michael tells Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY in a jaw dropping new interview.

Lindsay Lohan has been on a downward spiral for months, and Michael is scared that if she doesn’t clean up her act soon, she’ll become another Hollywood tragedy.

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“I don’t want to see my daughter die, I’m not going to bury my own child,” Michael tells Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s not going to happen. I feel for the other families in Hollywood that have to do this. There are so many other people that aren’t in Hollywood that suffer the same thing. I can’t even believe that people are writing obituaries about my daughter, I mean how sick is that? I can’t even think about that!”

On Thursday morning Lindsay tweeted that Michael was just trying to hurt her and her mother Dina and he reportedly sent her a text message saying he’s going to “end” her, but Hollyscoop has photos of the text message, proving Lindsay is a liar.

"My father just sent me this as I was leaving my gym… 'I told you to stop Linds this is the last time...and take down the tweet about me HURTING MOM.. U will be getting a call from SOMEBODY today to end you'," she tweeted on Thursday.

But the real message read, “I told you to stop Linds, this is the last time…and take down the tweet about me HURTING MOM…U will be getting a call from SOMEBODY today.”

So who is this so-called “somebody”? Michael wants to hold an intervention for his daughter, if she refuses to seek treatment by herself. “She’s desperate now, and she realizes that I’m serous about putting her into rehab and she’s starting to panic,” Michael tells Hollyscoop.

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He adds, “I’m going to try to save Lindsay by first meeting with her and having her take steps herself to go into rehab and a program I have set up for her. It’s not a traditional rehab, it’s a private setting. No one will ever know where she is and what she does. We’ll try to do it that way, if she doesn’t work with us that way, then we have to take other measures.”

Michael adds that Lindsay’s mother Dina Lohan isn’t doing anything to help him save her and keeps insisting that she’s fine, when she clearly isn’t. “She can say whatever she wants about getting rest and being healthy and working and all the other things people say the enablers and I hate to say, but Dina is one of those people. She’s got to come forward and stand by me and help our daughter because I don’t want to see my daughter die.”

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Michael may not be involved in her day-to-day life, but he knows exactly what’s going on when the cameras aren’t around. “I think my daughter needs to be saved,” says Michael. “I know what’s happening behind the scenes. I know what she’s doing and I’ve seen far too many people fall victim to prescription drug use and illicit drugs as well. Being that I’m a drug counselor and I’ve been down that road myself and treated a lot of people myself I know how toxic and fatal it can be to mix what she’s mixing right now.”

Michael is determined to help Lindsay change her life around, one way or another, because he doesn’t want to see his own flesh and blood die. “I’m not gonna let it happen, not on my watch! I have to make the sacrifice and I have to pay the consequences. I’m going to what I have to do to save my kid,” he adds.