Michael Lohan Faces Jail Time for Tapes

November 13, 2009 By:
Michael Lohan Faces Jail Time for Tapes

Looks like Lindsay Lohan may get the last laugh after all.

Michael thought he was being slick by releasing private phone conversations he had with Lindsay's mother Dina, claiming it's legal to record phone conversations in New York--but he was violating a protective order this whole time.

Dina obtained a protective order against Michael in Nassau County, New York back in 2005, which means he wasn't allowed to contact her or have any kind of communication with her by phone or email until 2011.

Most of the taped conversations he released are from 2008, which is clearly a violation of the protection order, reports TMZ.

If convicted, he could actually face some jail time, something that Lindsay and Dina would be very happy to see happen.

Dina's lawyers have already contacted the Nassau County District Attorney in connection with the audio tapes to get his attention seeking butt in jail--or at least get him to stop releasing more tapes. Stay tuned...this is getting ugly!