Michael Lohan: Everyone Only Emphasizes Lindsay's Negatives

June 14, 2012 By:
Michael Lohan: Everyone Only Emphasizes Lindsay's Negatives

Lindsay Lohan has been dealt a bad hand lately. Not only did she get into a car accident, she allegedly lied to police about driving the vehicle, and now she’s reportedly being sued by a paparazzo who claims she swiped him with her car two years ago!

Lindsay’s dad Michael Lohan is coming to her defense, saying everyone is ganging up on Lindsay, but no-one seems to care that she got into a nearly life-threatening collision and went straight back to work like a pro!

“Why doesn’t the press emphasize that she went through an extremely traumatic accident that could have been fatal, but she still wants to prove herself and went back to work even against medical advice!” Michael tells Hollyscoop exclusively.

Very true. Lindsay was spotted leaving the hospital just a couple hours after the accident and the very next day she was photographed back at work on the set of Liz & Dick.

Michael was incredibly impressed by her work ethic, also adding that she wasn’t intoxicated while she was driving, a fact that has been overlooked by the media.

Lindsay did pass a sobriety test at the time of the wreck, but unfortunately all we want to read are headlines that say “Lindsay Lohan Lies To Police!” and “Open Container Found In Car.”

Her dad adds that Lindsay is “still in some pain but really well otherwise.”