Michael Lohan Enlisted Dr. Drew For Lindsay Lohan Intervention

October 24, 2012 By:
Michael Lohan Enlisted Dr. Drew For Lindsay Lohan Intervention
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Remember last week when Michael Lohan was supposed to stage an intervention to cure Lindsay Lohan of her recent vodka and cocaine habit? And then it didn’t happen because when Lindsay saw her Dad at her door she called the cops?

Yeah, well, had it happened, Lindsay was almost going to be rehabbed by Dr. Drew himself.

Michael told TMZ he had been planning Lindsay’s intervention for months and just a few weeks ago asked Dr. Drew to stage the intervention and Drew was like “hell no.”

Okay, so Dr. Drew declined because he thought Lindsay would “freak” if she knew someone as high-profile as Dr. Drew was trying to sober her up. However, we think Dr. Drew saw that his caller ID said “Michael Lohan” and immediately drowned his phone.

Drew apparently referred Michael to a different intervention specialist but Michael ended up using someone suggested by Lindsay’s lawyer Dave Feldman.

Back when Lindsay was being treated at the Betty Ford clinic for a drug addiction, Dr. Drew told Hollyscoop that Lindsay will get worse before it gets better.

“She would be a wonderful recovery person someday. It’s just that she is going to suffer before that happens,” said Dr. Drew.

However, it looks like LiLo is going to suffer some more. When Michael showed up at her place last week, someone who called himself Lindsay’s “boyfriend” answered the door and called the cops on Michael and no intervention went down. 

Last we checked, Lindsay had returned to the NYC party scene, specifically a sushi joint to watch the final presidential debate the other night. Man, that addiction of hers must be bad. Sushi and politics? She’s in a dark place, I'm sure.