Michael Lohan Doesn't Want Lindsay in Jail

May 6, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan Doesn't Want Lindsay in Jail

Reports surfaced today that Michael Lohan was going to ask a judge to order his daughter Lindsay Lohan to rehab and ask for random drug testing. Contrary to what was reported this morning, he isn’t backing down, and wants to do anything to get Lindsay the help she needs.

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Lisa Bloom said in a statement,"I did send a very strong letter on Michael's behalf to Lindsay and her attorney on Monday and the letter said that Michael wants Lindsay to go to rehab and if she doesn't, he is reserving all of his legal rights including asking the judge handling Lindsay's probation for random drug testing, random searches of home, person and property by police and extending the term of her probation by one year or more.”

He is still interested in seeking a conservatorship, and wants to avoid legal action. When we asked Michael to confirm what he wants for his daughter, he told Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY,
"For starters, that’s exactly what I said and exactly where I stand. Lindsay does NOT belong in jail. It will only hurt her. It will kill me and destroy Lindsay if the judge and DA give her jail time. I have been in Lindsay's position myself and jail did NOT help, God and serious rehabilitation did."

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Bloom added, “Michael wants her to get help. And he’s ready willing and able to help her get the help she needs. I would say really from the heart that Michael is in a bind. He really loves her. No father wants his daughter to go to jail or meet a potential end that many Hollywood stars have met. If this is what it takes to get her help, then he’s going to do it."

The sad thing is that Lindsay is out too much partying to even realize the severity of her situation. But we’re glad Michael is trying to help her so that she doesn’t end up in jail. LA County prison is one scary place!