Michael Lohan: Dina Needs Rehab!

August 13, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan: Dina Needs Rehab!

When Michael Lohan watched his ex wife Dina Lohan on The Today show spit out one lie after another this morning, he was thinking the same thing we all were, 'is she for real?'

Michael is convinced that Dina needs to "go to rehab for her denial, lies and other 'things,'" he told E! News. "It was one lie after another," he added. And we agree!

Dina went on The Today Show this morning and made one excuse after another for Lindsay Lohan's behavior even going as far as blaming the judge for her action.

During the interview, Dina repeatedly accused Judge Marsha Revel of "playing hardball" by sentencing Lindsay to 90 days in jail.

"I'm not condoning drinking and driving, but she's still paying the price for what she did in 2007," said an often-agitated Dina, referring to Lindsay's two DUI cases from three years ago. As for Lindsay, "She's changed," says her mother. "She's grown up considerably."

But Michael is convinced that Dina needs to seek therapy if there's any hope for their daughter. "Dina needs the rehab. And maybe jail would 'suit' her. The only thing Dina got right in the interview is, 'Nothing has changed.' To that I agree… Dina is in denial."

"Linds needs family therapy with Dina and me," he said, adding that it's been recommended to their clan for years, but that Dina simply "won't."

He added, "It's all about money and controlling Lindsay and my kids to Dina, when she has failed miserably and it should be about our children's well-being. Dina and I caused this and WE need to fix it (AS PARENTS). It's sad that Dina would continue on this course."

At this point, they all need therapy AND rehab. No wonder Lindsay is so messed up!