Michael Lohan: Dina is Still Enabling Lindsay

December 22, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan: Dina is Still Enabling Lindsay

While Lindsay Lohan is raging war against the Betty Ford rehab staffer, Dawn Holland, for getting her in trouble, Michael Lohan is livid with Dina (again!) for being an enabler.

Michael spoke to Hollyscoop about his ex wife and how furious she is about all the lies she's been telling lately and the fact that she encouraged their daughter not to take a drug test after she broke curfew.

"First Dina said Sam Lutfi was stalking Lindsay, then she said the FBI was involved and now she made the mistake of being overheard telling Lindsay (and the other girls) NOT to take a drug test," he told Holllyscoop, "Enabling even in a rehab!"

He went on to say the entire situation was very sad and if "this was all handled the right way, none of this would have happened."

"Lindsay was getting her hair done and she was late because she waited for the other girls. The tech (Dawn Holland) grabbed Lindsay and Lindsay pushed her away. The fact that Lindsay took the phone from the tech doesn't warrant her calling the police , nor does it warrant the tech going on Disability.

"The tech didn't like Lindsay and she was gunning for her. This is all hype. But at the end of the day, Lindsay tested negative, she defended herself and I will defend her when she is right--as she is now! At any rehab, as in recovery hub, A Better Tomorrow and any other medical facility. We keep everything confidential. It's under HIPAA LAW."

He continued, "The facilities and their employees are bound to confidentiality. This was and is wrong. Lindsay doesn't need this or deserve it when she worked so hard and has come to far for this to happen."

Either way Lindsay certainly got the last laugh, Dawn was immediately fired after she spoke to media outlets about the incident.