Michael Lohan Booked Lindsay on Letterman

February 16, 2011 By:
Michael Lohan Booked Lindsay on Letterman


Poor Michael Lohan. For some reason, every time he tries to help his daughter, he gets screwed. Guess the saying, "No good deed goes unpunished" really applies to Michael.

This morning, Michael revealed he’s the guy responsible for booking Lindsay Lohan on Letterman.

He told Hollyscoop that he called David Letterman’s office, and they said they’d love to have Lindsay read a Top Ten for them. Michael then ran the idea by Lindsay, who loved it. But, according to Michael, her publicist Leslie Sloane was against it.

He told HS, "Leslie Sloane ruined Lindsay's life and career. Every time I set up something positive for Lindsay, they stop it.”

After Lindsay tweeted that she never agreed to do the show, Letterman’s people explained that someone “purporting to be a friend of Lindsay’s” contacted them to make the booking.

Enter Michael Lohan. Lindsay showcasing a sense of humor sounds like a good idea, so I wonder why her publicist dismissed it. Michael told Hollyscoop: “Leslie always covers up stories with more lies."

To be fair, that's her job. But with Lindsay's team in place, Michael might as well be an outsider. I’d probably have more luck trying to get Queen Elizabeth II to play bass for Paul Shaffer.