Michael Lohan Back to Talking About Lindsay Again

November 11, 2010 By:
Michael Lohan Back to Talking About Lindsay Again

Well that didn't last very long. Michael Lohan made a vow to not to the press anymore about his daughter Lindsay Lohan. He lasted 22 days.

Now that Lindsay has let her dad back in her life, Michael is back to doing what he does best--talking to the press. Michael talked to Ok! magazine about Lindsay's progress and complains about being in the public eye.

Lindsay Reunites With Dad

He told OK! magazine: “The only problem is when you are in the public eye like we are, the entire relationship is under scrutiny so it’s hard. It’s harder for her.”

He added, “I think her problems are just this business in general. They care more about themselves than the people around. People in this business can be very selfish. This is not about Lindsay because she’s a very unselfish person. As a matter of fact she’s a very giving person. But some other people don’t care what level they take someone down to."

Michael and Dina are definitely responsible in a big way for what's happened to Lindsay. Her parents spent the last few years bashing each other in the press and we all know Dina was one of her enablers. She's more concerned about riding her daughter’s coattails than being an actual mom.