Michael and Lindsay Might Finally Reunite

October 26, 2010 By:
Michael and Lindsay Might Finally Reunite

We've been hearing Michael Lohan kick, yell and scream for the last year and now his dream might finally come true. His daughter Lindsay Lohan might allow him to visit her at the Betty Ford Center.

Michael has attempted to visit the rehab center where Lindsay is getting treatment, but he has been denied several times at the door.

A source close to Lindsay tells Radar Online that she wants to just let him visit her once so he can stop bothering her.

Lindsay Says She Can't Afford Rehab

"It's gotten to the point where Lindsay told Dina, 'Mommy, maybe I should just let him see me because then he'll go away and he'll stop,'" the insider said.

She was going to let him visit until she found out that he had attended Tila Tequila's party over the weekend.

"Lindsay does know about her dad going to Tila's birthday bash. She does hear things even though she's in rehab," the source said. "How would you feel if this was your dad? She's humiliated."

Meanwhile, Michael has kept his pact to stop talking about his family to the press and had no comment about visiting his daughter or attending Tila's party.