Michael and Dina Want to Save Lindsay Together

May 19, 2010 By:
Michael and Dina Want to Save Lindsay Together

While Lindsay Lohan is partying it up in Cannes, her father Michael Lohan is making plans to show up for her court hearing tomorrow, hoping he can plead with the judge.

"I am very upset, as I am sure the judge will be, that Lindsay can not make it back, for whatever reason there is. Her "situation" has to be addressed and I pray this delay doesn't further hurt her," Michael tells Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY.

He continued, "It's obvious that Lindsay needs help, not incarceration, and I have a program and people in place that WILL satisfy the court and finally provide Lindsay with the help she needs to have her REAL life back."

Lindsay Lohan: Someone Stole My Passport

Michael, like the rest of the world, just wants Lindsay to come to her senses and realize the severity of the situation. He said, "I just hope Lindsay comes to her senses and realizes how serious this can be. Once more, if the so called friends and people around her, that say they care so much actually did, they wouldn't enable her."

Michael is hoping that the judge will still meet with him, although Lindsay won't be present, to hear his plea. "I hope that Judge Revel meets with me as she promised (being that I have an attorney, Lisa Bloom, as the Judge requested.) If not, I suppose the Judge will hear what I have to say through other means."

In regards to his ongoing feud with Lindsay's mother Dina Lohan, he said, "I have met with Dina to resolve our differences, which I believe we have. I can honestly say, that we shared a much-needed moment of truth that ended with on a very positive note. I actually felt the old Dina, the woman that I married and truly love! Let's hope and pray for the best for my ENTIRE FAMILY!"

Lindsay just pulled the ‘my dog ate my homework’ excuse and claims that someone stole her passport, so she can’t make it back to LA in time for her hearing tomorrow. The judge has made it clear that if she’s a no-show, she faces 180 days behind bars. Do you think the judge should send her to jail, or does she deserve another chance…again?