Michael And Dina: Lindsay's Not Engaged!

September 13, 2008 By:
Michael And Dina: Lindsay's Not Engaged!

They eat like a couple, they walk like a couple, they talk like a couple, they even look like a couple! But according to Michael and Dina Lohan, Lindsay and Samantha Ronson are not engaged! That may be the first thing they've agreed on in years.

Lindsay was spotted wearing a heart-shaped diamond ring on her finger this past weekend during a party Sam was DJing at at the Empire Hotel in NYC, sparking rumors that the two girls are more than just BFFs.

When asked about the subject, Michael Lohan simply replied, "It's all BS. It's not true." But wouldn't he be the last to know, considering all the recent turmoil between himself and his daughter?

But sources close to Dina Lohan echo Michael's comments, saying, "She said it's just one of Lindsay's cocktail rings, nothing more. It's like her own personal joke these days," the source said. "She slips a ring on that finger, then goes to a party and watches the rumors start to roll. It amuses her."

Ha. Ha. We're almost laughing.