Lohans Summoned for Family Therapy Session

November 17, 2010 By:
Lohans Summoned for Family Therapy Session

There’s a chance the world could spontaneously combust if Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan were in the same room together. But it may just have to happen for the sake of their daughter Lindsay Lohan.

According to RadarOnline.com, Lilo’s treatment counselors want both her parents in the same room for family counseling. Hope they don’t charge by the hour!

Dina to Lindsay: You Don't Need Your Father

A Betty Ford source says Linds is working through "very intense issues regarding her family, specifically, Michael and Dina's contentious relationship.”

"The fact that Lindsay took the first step and has been spending time with her father, for the first time in years, is very significant and important for her ongoing recovery. The fact is, when an addict has a supportive, loving family, their recovery is that much stronger, period."

Dr. Drew on Lindsay's Photoshoot: Bad Idea

The rehab team is trying to get Lindsay to realize both her parents are from Crazy Town, and to set boundaries when it comes to hanging with them. i.e. partying with Mommy at Hollywood nightclubs isn’t allowed anymore.

The source says, "Lindsay must give everyone around her, including her parents, boundaries. Part of living with an addiction, and being in recovery, is maintaining those boundaries. It will help Lindsay to feel in control of her life and stay sober."

Sources say Dina is still super pissy that Lindsay has been hanging around her dad, and doesn’t want to participate in family counseling if Michael’s around.

As usual, Dina is doing a fine job of keeping her own needs at the forefront and ignoring what’s best for Lindsay!