Lohan's Former Drug Dealer to Tell All

January 24, 2008 By:
Lohan's Former Drug Dealer to Tell All

Lindsay Lohan just can't catch a break! Maybe she should have been more discreet about her drug binges before she went to rehab for the second time because her former drug dealer is planning on releasing a tell all.

New York's self-proclaimed "drug dealer to the stars" claims that he was Lohan's former cocaine dealer and he's ready to sell his story. Unfortunately, the NY Daily News doesn't pay for stories so he would only release information about Lohan and kept hush hush about his other "big, big celebrity clients."

"Lindsay was texting him over and over the week she was in town with [boyfriend at the time] Riley Giles," says the broker. But he said he wouldn't see her because she was just out of rehab."

Expect a juicy tell all to hit the internet soon! I'm sure this guy has been shopping this story around for a while so as soon as someone is willing to cough up the dough, we'll find out who else was a 'celebrity client.'