Lohan Goes to the Dark Side

February 8, 2008 By:
Lohan Goes to the Dark Side

Lindsay Lohan has finally ditched those over-processed nappy blonde extensions of hers and gone to the dark side. How much better does she look? My God, it's like a world of difference! Now if only she would get rid of that orange self-tanner, she'll actually be hot again.

Lohan showed off her new do at the Wiltern Theater for the James Blunt concert last night. She had visited Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills earlier in the day, but left with her hair hidden under a beanie.

So what brought on the change? According to reports, Lohan is desperate to play 'Alice' in Tim Burton's adaptation of 'Alice In Wonderland.' Lohan says, "I hope they don't give it to an unknown. I'm ideal. I could really do it justice. I've been down the role."

We're rooting for Lohan too, I actually think she might be good for the part. Plus, she hasn't had a real job for months, homegirl needs money for her real job---shopping.