Lohan Family Reunion Underway

November 12, 2010 By:
Lohan Family Reunion Underway

Let the fireworks begin! Lindsay Lohan is set to meet both her mother Dina and father Michael at the same time next week as part of her counseling session at rehab.

It's no secret that Dina and Michael despise each other, so how is a Lohan family reunion going to pan out?

Lindsay Scores Work From Rehab

Speaking about their meeting, a source told People.com: “Lindsay is now open to working on things with her father. It's a part of her recovery. She's taking things seriously and she's really had a lot of success so far.”

Michael added: “I hope that Dina can get on the same page and put it all to rest by having family therapy together.”

Dina is definitely trying to figure out how to monopolize on this, Oprah? The Today Show? Film it herself? The Lohan's are so damn dysfunctional they definitely need their own reality show. Wouldn’t put anything past Dina.