'Liz & Dick' Trailer Leaves Much To The Imagination

July 20, 2012 By:
'Liz & Dick' Trailer Leaves Much To The Imagination

The first trailer for one of the most anticipated made-for-TV movies ever, Liz & Dick, has been released. It’s a “teaser.” That about sums it up.

At 15 seconds in length, it’s probably over quicker than it took you to read that last sentence.

With filming wrapped up a few weeks ago, it’s time to see at least a peek of what’s in store for anyone who actually cares.

So what amazing montage of shots did they put together of Lindsay Lohan portraying the glamorous Elizabeth Taylor?

They didn’t. Unless the definition of “montage” has changed to “still shot” without someone telling me.

The “trailer” is the exact same pic they’ve been using to promote the film for months – the one with LiLo sitiing in a red dress, and a fur something draped across her lap.

They do get a little fancy throwing in some overly dramatic piano notes and a pan to some titles that read:
“Lindsay Lohan is Elizabeth Taylor” then, “Liz & Dick Coming This Fall”

The end.


So after months of speculation as to whether Lohan was the right choice, then hundreds of articles and photos charting her every breath during the four weeks of filming which included a highway wreck with an 18 wheeler, some indecent exposure, a settlement of an old news lawsuit, potential insurance fraud and a pretty boring 26th birthday celebration – this is what we get?


The trailer aired for the first time last night during the season premiere of “Project Runway.“

Liz & Dick premieres on the ever elusive date of “This Fall.”