Liv Tyler's Mom Citizens Dina Lohan's Parenting Skills

October 7, 2011 By:
Liv Tyler's Mom Citizens Dina Lohan's Parenting Skills

Did this woman just come out from the rock she’s been hiding under? Saying Dina Lohan is a bad mom is like saying Charlie Sheen is “kinda weird.” That ship sailed a long time ago. We’ve all accepted it and moved on.

Liv Tyler’s mom, Bebe Buell, is slamming Lindsay Lohan’s mom, Dina for being a bad parent. In an interview with Steppin’ Out magazine, Buell says:

“What her mother has done with Lindsay is morally wrong and disgusting. She should back off. Lindsay is the one with the talent.”

True, Lindsay does have plenty of talent. She’s been showing off her talent in sleazy, low-cut dresses for the past few years now. She also stages paparazzi shots of her talent spilling out of her bikini top.

“[Lindsay]'s the star,” Buell continued. Okay, at first I was kidding, but seriously, I don’t think this woman has turned on a television or computer since Herbie: Fully Loaded.

Liv Tyler’s mom, who didn’t tell her daughter who her father was until she was an adult, said: “Dina Lohan’s relationship with her daughter Lindsay disturbs me. I don't see a mother and a daughter there.”

Buell also adds: “Lindsay and Liv were practically born on the same day. So I look at Lindsay and I see my own child in her because there's a great talent there.”

Now that’s unflappable logic right there. They were born on the same day. They must be sisters.

“But if my baby girl got that screwed up I would NOT allow to make her own decisions.”

Alright, hold the presses, stop everything. “Baby girl”? This explains it. I don’t think I’ve ever met a normal mom who refers to her daughter as “my baby girl.” I’m pretty sure last time I heard a mom use this phrase was Lynn Patridge’s drunken rant.

Anyway, Bebe kept going: 
“I'm sorry! Anybody can think what they want. But I would abduct my child and I would make sure that I didn't leave her side until she didn't have those problems anymore. But she also has to be responsible for her own actions. Her mother needs to start being a mother and not yes her to death.”

Oh, and Lindsay, if you need help, Bebe is there for you:

“If Lindsay spent a year with me I could turn her around. I could have her winning her first Oscar in two years!”

So not only is Buell a rehab doctor and a Hollywood agent, she’s also a miracle worker. Here’s her plan for Lindsay’s comeback:

“The first thing I would do is put 10 pounds on her. She needs a more kittenish quality."

Uh, I think Lindsay's kitten days are over. Unless that kitten has feline leukemia.

"She's looking too thin right now. That's not a good look. And she also needs to go back to being a natural red head. The blonde hair doesn't work. It ages her. She just needs the right people around her. She's got it all man. She's just around people who don't get it.”