Linsday Lohan and Family to Go to Therapy

December 20, 2012 By:
Linsday Lohan and Family to Go to Therapy


In today’s Lindsay Lohan news, Lindsay whole heartedly believes that she will NOT go to jail after her January 25 hearing because Lindsay is convinced she has done nothing wrong and the judge will believe her.

Well, seeing as Lindsay has appeared before so many judges before and all they did was send her to jail for a few minutes and make her push around a broom at community service, yah, I’d say that I wouldn’t be scared if I were her either.

One of Lindsay’s friends told the Huffington Post, “As far as [Lindsay’s] concerned, she did nothing wrong.”

Believe it or don’t believe it, but one person who doesn’t think Lindsay is walking on the path to righteousness is her own dad Michael Lohan.

We asked what he thought about Lindsay believing that the judge will “side with her?”

Michael’s response?

“Depends on what she means by ‘sides with her?’ If Lindsay’s side means to ADMIT that she has alcohol and drug problems and SINCERELY wants to go into treatment with the intention of getting off ALL drugs, alcohol and prescription meds, then yes!” Michael tells Hollyscoop.

So basically, Michael is NOT on team Lindsay, unless team Lindsay gets clean and sober. Apparently water bottles full of vodka isn’t the worst of Lindsay’s problems.

Michael also continued, “Another major component is that Dina finally has to agree to go to family therapy with Lindsay and me together, which Dina has always refused to do!”

Don’t you wish you could spend Christmas with the Lohans? Seems like a real fun family.