Lindsay's Sugar Mama Moves Out

January 28, 2008 By:
Lindsay's Sugar Mama Moves Out

Lindsay Lohan is on the fast track to brokesville and her financial woos are about to worsen now that her sugar mama BFF Courtenay Semel has moved out of the house they were sharing.

Lohan and Semel were sharing a three bedroom, two-bath Hollywood Hills home but Semel reportedly moved out after getting into a huge fight with Lohan.

“I think it was a jealousy issue,” says the insider.

“Every time Lindsay had a girlfriend around the house, Courtenay started acting all weird. She’d go up to her bedroom and start texting Lindsay - even though they were in the same house! It was like Courtenay wanted Lindsay all to herself.”

So basically, Lohan is close to being homeless because she can't afford to pay for the rented house herself. Brody should avoid Lohan's phone calls for the new few weeks, unless he's looking for a roommate.