Lindsay's Stalker Revealed!

December 17, 2010 By:
Lindsay's Stalker Revealed!

Lindsay Lohan’s stalker has been revealed and it’s none other than Sam Lutfi! Familiar? That’s because he’s the guy everyone blamed when Britney Spears went cuckoo.

TMZ had reported yesterday that Lindsay has been getting a lot of messages from someone that claims to be watching her.

The folks over at Betty Ford center are very concerned and are taking the matter very seriously and moving Lindsay to a more secure location.

Apparently, Michael and Sam have been in very close contact with one another and he’s been sending texts to Lindsay identifying himself as “Mike from TMZ,” In the texts he’s been warning her to stay away from Dina Lohan.

Lutfi denies that he’s been sending any sort of messages to Lindsay and thinks that her people are out to get him.

Creepy! Why is it so hard for the poor girl to just get clean without all these hanger-ons?